End of 2018, two of us founded a company in the land of Borneo and we decided to name the brand KIKILILY.
Neither of us named KIKI nor LILY. We merely found the name catchy and easier to remember.

Hi! We are Stel and Mina. We are not sisters, but buddies.
We share the same belief, values, passion, and vision. And, we share the same taste in fashion.
We pursue the beauty of simplicity in style.
Unisex, versatility, timeless, and clean aesthetic
are the elements we want to include in our products.

We keep our principles simple.
Customer oriented  以诚待客
Focus on quality  專注好品質
Make contribution to society  回饋社會

It is our humble beginning, we thank you for being a part of our journey.
Welcome to KIKILILY, let’s shop!

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